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The Dead Friends Gaming [DEFR] Community Is A Collection Of Like Minded Gamers, Founded By Me [buxshots].

Having Briefly Been Part Of Other Communities/Clans, I Decided That Things Can And Need To Be Done Better, If You Have Ever Been Part of Community/Clan Yourself You Will Some Idea Of What I Am Talking about.

Here Are Some Of The Facts,

Membership Is Strictly On An Invitation Basis, But If You Feel You Have Something To Contribute And Think This Maybe The Type Of Community For You Then Please Click Registration And Fill Out An Application Form For Our Consideration. We Would However Recommend The Try Before You Buy Route. Play With Us And Be Active On Our Teamspeak And Our Website Then There Is A Strong Likelihood That You Will Receive An Invitation [But This Is Not A Guarantee] All I Would Say Is Get To Know Existing Members And Let Us Get To Know You And Everyone Normally Get What They Want. All Applicants Are Required To Wear The [DFA] Tag Whilst Their Application Is Being Considered.
We Are Not A Clan - In Fact If You Use The Word Clan You Will Be Offending Most Members.
There Are No Fees Associated With Membership - A Donation Button Exists But There Is No Requirement To Use It, If Donations Are Received, These Funds Will Be Used For Event Prizes / Monthly Lottery / Helping Other Members With Upgrades etc... FUNDS WILL NEVER BE USED FOR ANYTHING ELSE.
All Server/Website/Forum Costs Are Paid For By Me [buxshots], So Unlike Other Communities There Is No Requirement To Fund Raise, Life Is Too Short To Be Chasing People For Cash.
[Special Thanks To - iBorg For Supplying The TeamSpeak And ProCon Layer Servers & Our Sponsor Nitrado.Net]
Everyone Has The Same Rights On The Website, Forums And Servers - Donations Are Not Required To Gain Admin Rights - Every [DEFR] Member Has Admin & Reserved Slots Rights On All Servers.
Everyone Has A Say In The Direction We Take - Quarterly Meetings Are Held On TeamSpeak Anyone Is Able to Bring Up Topics For Discussion And Request A Vote On Any Topic/Issue.

Sometimes In Life You Don't Get What You Want Or The Way You Want It, But At Least Here You Will Be Heard.

The Rest Is Simple – Treat People The Way You Would Like To Be Treated And Follow Our Site And Server Rules.

Other Than That Enjoy Your Stay And Take Part.

"In Life We Are Alone, In Death We Number Many"
"Death Is Better With Friends"
"Death Just Got Harder"
"Dead, But Not Out"

Thank You

Any Questions, Please Contact Me Via Private Message (PM) Or Find Me And Others On Teamspeak (

Download Teamspeak @