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I get you man. It'd still be fun with a full DEFR squad.
Roumours say BF5 will have battle royale game mode

Yep - BR is confirmed for BF V. I am not sure how i feel about this, its wait and see. To be honest my excitement for BF V has went away. I will play the open beta and see how it goes. Just tired of the old wars and was really hoping that BF was going to be in the modern settings. On the positive there is Insurgency sandstorm that is coming out soon and the new World War 3 game looks very interesting.
Posted Mon at 14:52 · OP
Yeah BR in bttlefield hmm..
However do you guys remember the bf3 mode where u had to pickup guns spread arround the mam with only one or two magd of ammo?
That was nice but I don't see a battle royale in bf tbh. But hey, it might be surprisingly good since they didn't had to put too much time into premium related stuff. And they could pick some stuff from the bf1..
Giving them more time.. However this is theire first time and since it was not in the alpha it is probably still trash in a nice bag.
Why did the mountain biker kill all his friends? He was a cycle path.
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