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Dear DEFR community, do you remember BF2142 old days?

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Hello from the past, DEFR community!
My nickname is ImpuLseTM

I would like to apologize for my bad English at first
Most of you guys don't know who I am, and may be don't have any memories of "2142". It's okay, it means, that this topic isn't for you, but for those who remember

2142 is my favourite game. Forever.
Sometime (in fact many years) ago you (DEFR community) were hosting 2142 server. I'm glad to say that it was my favourite one. I played with many of you guys. Time vanished some of the names, but Buxshots, Loloop. I remember everything from that time.
We all know that EA have closed official servers for this game. But this doesn't mean that I can't play my favourite game for now.
So the reason to create this topic was to propose some of you to come back if you still dream about this game like me

Currently we (I'll speak from Russian community) are hosting 5 servers, 2 of which are enough populated. These servers are alive since 2008 year. They fully duplicate official servers features.
You can take a look here (most popular ones):
For unpleasant, people from USA will have difficulties to play due to ping and time lag.
I hope some of you will play with me, with us. It would be so happy to see you like the old times are back.
Here is the link, how to install and play on the servers
Thank you for your time
Best wishes, Mike.
Posted Jan 31, 16 · OP
I participated in closed beta, Warframe is much more fun. Well Division Setting might be alluring but whole game worse that Warframe
Posted Feb 7, 16
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