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Ark Running small test's

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TODAY im running some very small changes to the server settings for game play, just to see how effective they are to the game play.

The reason for this is one or two people voiced that it might make it to easy and with DEFR and only two mg on our server atm i couldn't think of a better time rather then a full server.

changes are as follows

x2 XP as agreed on weekends
corpse decomposing time ( instead of 5 min you now have 20 gives you a ltl more time to find wear you died because the maps are so vast.
taming time gone from 100% to 115% this is just so i can see how much of a difference terry taming Tuesday could have a impact on the server.
a slight but not much day time gain

these settings can be changed on and of with out reseating the server so players have no worry about playing past 24.00 uk time.

if you have a issue or ideas please post or pm me, more ideas the better to get the server more populated

thanks guys
Posted Aug 29, 15 · OP
post as news and link forum
Posted Aug 29, 15
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